Sunday, June 28, 2015

The 4th of July in an RV

It's taken me a long time to wrap my head around the fact that Bob and I have been together for a decade and that I am the wife of a combat veteran with PTSD.

There are a ton of quirks that go along with this scenario and, I believe, it is different for each and every single one of our military veterans who have seen combat.

Bob is a Vietnam veteran.
The Fourth of July was my most favorite holiday. Key word = Was. Not any longer.
I'll explain why.

I am not about to begrudge anyone for celebrating our Independence Day. I think it is a necessary and integral part of being an American. I wouldn't have it any other way. The firecrackers represent a hard fought war, in which many early Americans willingly sacrificed their lives for our newly founded country. We showed up to kick ass and chew bubblegum and we were all out of bubblegum!
I love how diversely all of us celebrate the Fourth of July. The cookouts, camping trips, just good, quality family time.

Lately, in the past several years, I have come to hate the celebrations. I hate them with a purple passion. I have no right to tell anyone that they can't celebrate our holiday using fireworks. I don't have that right. But, I wish that each and every single person who thinks it's funny to light off illegal, booming fireworks...or fire their weapons...would read this blog post and try to put themselves in the shoes of my husband.

My husband volunteered to serve. It was a case of that he either volunteer and choose the branch of the military that he served in or he would have been drafted into the Army. Bob chose to go into the Navy. He did not sit out in the sea on a big aircraft carrier for the entire war. Bob was a swift  boat pilot  (I hope I got that right...I'm not sure if I did). Bob transported troops up and down the rivers in Vietnam. Bob has been shot at. Bob has seen many, many, many of his friends killed.

I'm not sure how many of you sit and watch someone you love on edge for a week or better each year, but that's what I do. I watch him. I watch every single time someone lights off a cannon or whatever the hell they light off. I watch when military choppers fly overhead. I see someone that I care for go back to a dark place in his mind and I get frustrated because there is not one damn thing that I can do about it.

Bob has been through a PTSD treatment clinic. It did him a world of good...but, one thing that no amount of counseling or medication is going to take away are the memories of what he went through in Vietnam. Hell, I can barely get him to go into a Vietnamese restaurant. I don't ask about it. I don't ever ask him about it. Sometimes, he tells me things...but I don't ask.

One good thing that came with Bob's disability rating through the VA is that he was entitled to a disabled veteran lifetime state park pass where he can book campsites for up to 3 weeks at no cost. I was racking my brain trying to figure out if I could get a rumwhiskeyvaliumweedlatte somewhere because, between having two big dogs that are terrified of fireworks (and, yes, we have xanax for doesn't work) and a husband with PTSD, I just really do not care for the Fourth of July any longer. It's not my favorite holiday anymore.

I could put a sign outside that says: "Combat Veteran Lives Here...Please Be Respectful With Fireworks" but, inevitably, some asshole is going to throw one in our yard if I do that.
Respect is fastly becoming an endangered species in these parts. Everyone is out there, doing what they do because it is their right to do so. Fine, great, dandy, groovy. I just wish you would remember and show some respect for those who have put their lives on line for you to have those rights.

Happy Independence Day, everyone...we're off to camp in a state park because we cannot stay in our home for this! Peace!

Monday, May 25, 2015

End of May Garden Update in an RV

 I don't think that I've posted a garden update for a while, so here goes. Above is my watercress. It's easy to grow. I put a pot of really good soil into another container and dropped down some aquarium airstones on a splitter to make sure that the water doesn't sit stagnant. I then seeded the watercress on top of the soil and let it rip. Pretty cool, huh?
 This cardboard is not going to be there after tomorrow. What started out as a good idea did not work out that way. KiKi loves that stuff, though.
 This is a romaine type lettuce called Flashy Trout Back.
 Verde tomatillos. I grow these to make green salsa and enchilada sauce with.
 Another look at the tomatillos. I put them at the end of one of the raised beds.
 This bed contains the tomatillos, turnips, an assortment of carrots, golden beets, various types of lettuce and a few calendulas.
 This is a pot of New Zealand spinach. We love this stuff!
 Another look at my root veggie raised bed.
 To the left is a Green Zebra heirloom tomato. Next to it is a San Marzano. The Green Zebra are awesome to put on burgers or add into salads and the San Marzano tomatoes are a paste tomato and great for cooking down into a delicious marinara sauce or homemade ketchup.
 I have some green onions planted and a mystery pot.

 This tomato is called Dwarf Shadow Boxing. I'm not sure how big this guy will get. I planted marigolds around it. I hope the marigolds don't grow taller than this dude does!
 I saved the seeds from the nasturtiums I grew last year. I seeded my middle raised bed with them. I also planted two pots of them behind. I hope that this will make a "waterfall" of nasturtiums.
 Cilantro...from saved seed from last year.
 This is a Caspian Pink tomato...great all purpose heirloom tomato that can be cooked into a sauce, used for making salsa or those delicious tomato sandwiches in the summertime!
 This is a Red Zebra. It's an heirloom, but a newer heirloom. I can't give you a run down on this variety because the one I was growing last year was broken off by the drunk idiots that lived next to us. I never got to try one.
 In this bed are 2 Black Krims. Black Krims are a Russian heirloom tomato variety. I think these are our favorite all-purpose tomato. I also have a Yellow Brandywine and a German.
 Front beds.
Celeriac...I planted this last year and it's still growing.

Jazzy lettuces and spinach.

Red Orach...very edible.

Corn Salad or Mache

I can't remember, off hand, this lettuce variety.

Prickly Pear Cacti...starting to flower.

My first mini rose...still going strong!

French Tarragon

My potato box


Peas and a jalapeno pepper plant

Comfrey. I steep the leaves of this to make a tea that I feed to the tomatoes.

Italian Dandelion

Concord Grapes

Lamb's Ear



Asparagus. I'm going to move all the asparagus to the middle raised bed after this growing season.

Curry plant

Red Veined Sorrel or Bloody Dock

Blueberries...Pink Lemonade Blueberries.

My rose garden

Calendula...from saved seeds from last year.

Bob picked out the flowers in this pot. Not bad, Bob...not bad at all!


Lemon Thyme


Egyptian Walking Onions...these are starting to bulb out.

Pretty little tomatoes, all in a row!

 Just a few more types of tomatoes that I'm growing this year.

So, thanks for taking the garden tour. Until next time, PEACE!