Monday, August 11, 2014

Why I Get Up So Early in an RV

 I get asked on Facebook, all the time, "Laurrie, why do you get up so early???" Well, this is why. This is a bit different than my normal type of blog post, but I'm all for diversity. I think I took up photography because of sunrises and sunsets. I wanted to capture that beauty and share it with friends. This morning was no exception. I hope you all enjoy!
Oh, these are NOT edited. I only used the different settings on my Nikon Coolpix L100. I used the close-up, dusk/dawn and landscape settings and played around with different levels of zoom.
Unfortunately, with my Nikon D5000, I'm still saving up for a close-up Nikkor lens, which costs as much as a good used of these days!

Not bad for a (basically) point and shoot camera, huh?

Sunday, August 10, 2014

August Garden Update in an RV

 Hello, everyone!! It's been entirely too long since I have posted and for that I do apologize. It's not me being lazy or anything like's the frigging internet that we have to work with here in the RV park. Anyhow, I have figured out that if I use a certain connection and sit outside, I can, indeed, post a blog.This is cool!
I figured since I haven't posted anything for quite a while, I may as well post a garden update.
Above are the Contender beans that I planted roughly 2 weeks ago.
Some things are growing right along and some things didn't do so hot that I planted last spring. I've included photos of it all.
 This is my front raised bed. The radishes did not really like it, so I wound up pulling them all out. We never did get any to eat. I just pulled the last of my turnips a couple of days ago...they were delicious. In the photo are the nasturtiums that I planted. I believe this was a Gleam mix...I don't really remember, but they sure do like to sprawl over everything!
 Here is my hodge-podge of different things: pansies, petunias, nasturtiums, lettuces and beets.
 I have a mixture of flowers and herbs up front.
 Cabbages and Romanesco broccoli...I wish that, at least, one of the cabbages would hurry up and form a head!
 These are white cucumbers that I planted. We ate the first one of these last night. They are really thin-skinned and I'll be planting more of them.
Fahrenheit Blues heirloom tomatoes

 Now, I was told that I wouldn't be able to grow tumeric in the Pacific Northwest. I hate to beg to differ, but there it is! I have both yellow and white roots growing.
 I had some squash or gourd plants die out, so I got some coleuses to fill in the blanks.
 Here is my third largest tomato grouping. In here is  Cherokee Purple, Pineapple, Mr. Stripey and Moskovich.
Red Zebra heirloom tomatoes

 These are various types of cucumbers and melons that I planted. In the very front are Kiwano (otherwise known as Jelly or African Horned) melons.
 In the front is my sweet potato plant that I grew from an actual organic sweet potato that I got at the grocery store. In the back are the red potatoes that I stuck in the dirt just to see what they would do. If I don't have a ton of potatoes in there...well...suffice it to say, I won't be a happy camper! Those potato vines have crawled completely out of there box and took over my pathway!
 Here is another shot of that third largest tomato group.

Lamb's Ear

 This one of the smaller raised beds in the back. I have a white currant heirloom tomato growing in there. It's not very tall, but it's set fruit.
 Here is part of the back yard. The tomatoes in the buckets are setting fruit, but they aren't very tall. I'll be cutting back on the number of plants that I put in next summer.
 This is my largest tomato grouping. I have everything from Stupice to Romas to Indigo Rose to Giant Belgiums back there...they are kicking butt...a couple of them are well over 7 feet tall!!!
 My squash project hasn't turned out like I had hoped it would, unfortunately. I may get one or two, but I'm not holding my breath.
Indigo Rose heirloom tomato

 The various types of beans and the Glass Gem corn that I put into my largest raised bed, however, are growing like crazy...I'm pretty pleased with these. I don't know if I will get any actual corn, but, it's growing!
Stupice heirloom tomatoes

 Here are some of the beans that I'm growing. I've got several types growing...everything from Asian Yard Long to bush limas and kidneys.
 Long shot of the beans and corn.
 I'm super excited to see if I can get any ears of corn on these.
 I planted some prickly pear cactus last spring. I thought I had lost them because of all the rain. Well, I am pleasantly surprised!
 Here's a view of the back yard.
Concord grapes

 Here's a shot of the back yard, but from a different angle.
 The squash and pumpkin pools are a bust. I am going to turn them into a bed for my Egyptian Walking Onions and another for nasturtiums.
 This is the pallet garden in the front yard. We've had several salads from the different lettuces and greens that I grew there.
Everbearing strawberry

 The strawberry plants are all setting fruit for the second time this year.
 My mini rose garden. I'm up to 5 different bushes goal is for 10.
 I'm not exactly sure which type of lettuce this is...but it looks cool and it tastes good!
 This is lettuce that is a couple of years old and is going to seed. I love the purple flowers that it gets.

 Here are the in-ground beds that I dug in the front yard. I despaired of anything growing except nasturtiums, until BAM! Everything came up and bloomed at once!
Hanging strawberry garden

Front yard

Thanks for taking the garden tour! I hope that I can start posting more regularly now that I've figured out the trick! Peace!