Thursday, April 23, 2015

First Garden Update, 2015, in an RV

 Here I am, on the brink of a new gardening season, in a new RV park, in a new town and, quite thoroughly, enjoying life once again. The first thing that Bob and I made sure of before committing to the move to this new park was that I could have my garden. I scaled it way back, granted, but life is too short to not grow your own tomatoes!
It's windy and raining outside this afternoon, so I thought I would update on how my garden is coming along.
 Here is what I have, so far, out front. My Egyptian Walking Onions made the trip all right. They are starting to bulb out and "walk".
 Bob wanted a color pot of flowers. He actually chose the flowers in here, I chose the dracena in the middle. I think he's got good taste. This pot contains petunias, pansies, snapdragons and the dracena in the middle.
 I have to do without fuschias this year, but, I can have geraniums!! There are three different colors in this pot.
 My ever-present sign to the park's dog owners. I don't even let my dogs go in my yard...sorry!
 Here are the walking onions bulbing out. Once the bulbs are produced, the stems get heavy and bend over, touching the soil. The bulbs then take root and that is how they "walk". You have to keep an eye on these because they will take over a bed in no time flat!
 I planted up some of the calendula seeds that I saved from the flowers from last year. This is one type of seed that I'll never buy again!
 They only took about 10 days to pop up out of the soil.
 Here are a couple of planters of different lettuces that I planted.
 My log is planted with pansies this year. That is last year's celeriac in front of it in the broken planter.
 Whenever I plant flowers in the hollow log, they live for years!
 These are pansies that I bought on clearance last year...6 plants for 50 cents. I still have 5 of them growing!
 My friend in Longview has miner's lettuce growing along her fence. I pulled up a couple of plants and brought them home.
 I popped in a couple of planters of red onion sets. They are growing away!
 This raised bed is seeded with golden beets, assorted colors and shapes of carrots and turnips. The netting is to keep the cats out of it.
 Here is a shot of the front garden. The middle raised bed is planted with nasturtiums. I have two pots of nasturtiums behind it. When it's all going, I am hoping it will look like a waterfall of flowers...that's what the trellis is behind everything for.
 Here is part of the back garden. My roses came here with me and in the black, long planters, I put in tatsoi and bok choy.
 I brought the prickly pear cacti with us. That old know, the drunk idiot from Woodland...had such a fit about that cactus plant that there was no way in hell I was going to leave it! It will always have a home with me. I repotted them with some specialty cactus soil and put them into a new container. They are loving it.
This is French red orach. It's a type of wild spinach.
 There are some baby Flashy Trout's Back lettuces in there!
 Here is my experimental Brandywine heirloom tomato. It's an experiment because I want to see if these were hardened off enough to withstand the colder temps that we're having at night. We're at a higher elevation here and nights aren't as warm as they were when we lived in Longview and Woodland.
French tarragon


Red mini rose...this was my very first mini rose plant. I've since increased my rose garden to include 5 mini plants.

Early Alaska Peas

I have baby peas started in here.


Lamb's Ear and Irises.


Concord Grapes

I had a lot more strawberries but I gave several away. No matter, they will set runners and I'll build up my strawberries again.

Asparagus that I started last year.

Pink Lemonade blueberry bushes. I was going to separate these guys but they never went dormant this winter.

Red Veined Sorrel aka Bloody Dock

Part of my back garden.

In front is a pot of asters. Behind is a huge pot of Italian parsley that I will take out so I can use that pot for a tomato.

Back garden

French sorrell

Italian dandelion

I had a huge limb take out my greenhouse when we lived in Woodland. I saved the shelving and decided to use it for my lettuce station. I have several varieties growing plus lamb's quarter.


Looking out toward the front of the fifth wheel from the porch. The glider came to us after Bob's mom passed away. We miss her dreadfully, but we think about her every time we sit on the glider and we sit out there a lot!


Looking toward the trailer

My picnic table

KiKi...she "helps" me in the garden a lot!

My other bench.

We went and bought starter tomato plants this morning. I also got that pretty petunia.

My tomato list, so far, is:
Black Cherry
Black Icicle
Red Zebra
Indigo Dwarf Shadow Boxing
Black Sea Man x 2
Mr. Stripey
San Marzano
Caspian Pink
Indigo Blue Chocolate
Indigo Fahrenheit Blues
Japanese Black Trifele
Green Zebra

This year, I got great news! The managers, here in our new park, gave the okay for us to put in a community garden! It's going to be really nice sized. I am spearheading the project. I'm really excited and have been procuring trades for usable seeds that we can plant in there. You all know me...I'll plant enough for everyone! I will keep Baked Lava updated as that project comes along. There is a person in here that has a big tractor with a tiller on it and, I believe, Saturday is when we are going to till up the spot.
I'm wanting to plant corn, beans, squash, cucumbers, pumpkins and some other things in there. All I am asking is that people leave enough produce so that we can save seeds for next year. It's a lot more cheaper to do that than to buy seeds every single year. I also spoke to the manager about using the lasagna garden method throughout the winter to keep the weeds down and, if we do that, we won't have to till again. We're also going to have a compost bin. I'm really excited about this new gardening adventure.
One thing I don't have to worry about is drunk idiots living next door to me and pillaging my produce. I heard, from a reliable source, that even before I decided to have nothing to do with those people that they were stealing from me. Nothing good ever happens to a thief. Nothing. I don't care if it's a tomato or a million bucks, karma will always bite the ass of those who live like that. They cost us several hundreds of dollars with their bullshit. I hear that they were served an eviction notice. I can't say as I'm surprised. I can't say as I care either. I actually think it's hilarious! It's nothing more than they deserve being the thieving losers that they are. Anyhow, enough of them...I wrote that because I know that their creepy daughter likes to stalk me on social media and here on Baked Lava because she has no life and those people are soooooooo worried that I might write something about them. All I can say is that they'll have to wait until the book comes out and not buy a couple of cases of beer to see if I did! As if that's possible for those guys...they live in a liquid medium. It's truly pathetic. But, it's also awesome for me because I do not have to deal with the likes of them any longer! They may have ruined one year's worth of gardening for me, but I will go on and they will, most likely, be living under a bridge!! LOL!  :D
Anyhow, enough of those freaking drunk idiot losers...

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hawaiian Ham Sandwiches in an RV

 Tonight, for dinner, I made Bob and I these tasty sandwiches that I invented long ago. They, probably, aren't all that original, but I was sure proud when I came up with this combo. Not only are they tasty, they are super simple!
You start with an onion bun, whichever type you like. The bottom part of the bun gets a slice of white cheese. I use cheap white cheese slices. Nothing fancy, just cheap white cheese slices. You can use whatever cheese floats your boat, as long as it's a good melting type cheese.
In the meantime, I heated up half a pound of really good deli ham with a can of sliced pineapple. Just dump it all in the pan and let it rip until it's nice and hot.
 The cheese gets topped with a slice of pineapple.
 The pineapple is topped with 1/4 pound of ham.
 The ham is topped with another slice of pineapple, then, another slice of cheese.
Top with the bun. I heat the buns for a little bit in a 250 degree oven. I don't brown them or anything, I just warm them up.
 And, there you have it...Hawaiian Ham Sandwiches!
 These are one of Bob's favorites.
I serve these with homemade coleslaw.