Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sri Lanka in an RV

Tonight was the night for Sri Lanka...I think you guys are choosing all the good countries first...LOL! I tell ya...even the dog was lovin' it!
On the menu: Roast Chicken, Carrot Sambol, Rotti, Milk Toffee (all 4 of these recipes can be found on and rounding things off was an obscure recipe that is on called Sri Lankan Potato Curry II. I can't believe that I was only the second person to review and the first to photograph it...super good!
I tell ya, this hound of mine is ri-damn-diculous!
This is the start of the Potato Curry: potatoes, minced jalapeno, coconut milk and curry powder.
It cooks for about 20-25 minutes until it gets thick and creamy.
This was a fantastic recipe and I hope some of you try it won't be disappointed. Please read my review to see the changes that I made to the recipe.
I cut the Rotti recipe in would have made way too much if I hadn't! It gets mixed by hand. I think hands are under-rated as kitchen utensils!
You are supposed to roll or pat these out by hand. I think mine were a bit too thick, but no matter, they tasted really good! I put these in the skillet and when I flipped them the first time, I used my spatula to squish them out flat.
These smell awesome as they cook because of the curry powder and coconut.
I cut them into quarters and served them up!
The Milk Toffee recipe wasn't quite ready when dinner was. It's still hanging in the fridge to see how long it takes to set up. It starts with some chopped cashews. I am not one to dig out the food processor to chop up a few nuts...I use my handy-dandy cleaver!
All the ingredients get put into a microwave-safe bowl...
And you nuke it!! How easy is that???
Then everything gets put in a pan and gets chilled...I did have a taste and it's not bad. Sweet, but not bad.
The start of Carrot Sambol...
I know I said back in Fiji that if I ever had to deal with another raw coconut, it would be too soon...well....
I had to deal with another raw damn coconut...
but I didn't have to make coconut milk, so it's all good! I used this in the Sambol and the Rotti.
I wasn't sure how I would like this combination, but...
I actually had a second helping of's tangy, zippy and entirely delicious!
The star of the meal was the Roasted Chicken. It hung out in the marinade all day...and, YES! I used ketchup like the recipe said to...
The recipe said to rub butter over the chicken...I wasn't really into all that, so I just dotted the chicken with it, instead.
This is fantastic and, lucky me, I have leftovers for tomorrow!
So good!!
Sri Lanka is located off the southern coast of the Indian subcontinent. It was known as Ceylon until 1972. It was an important stop on the ancient "Silk Road".
The capital of Sri Lanka is Sri Jaya Wardenapura and the largest city is Colombo.
Sri Lanka is known for its production and export of tea, coffee, coconuts, rubber and cinnamon. Cinnamon is native to Sri Lanka.
Sri Lanka is known as "The Pearl of the Indian Ocean" because of its natural beauty. It is covered with tropical forests, white beaches and very diverse landscapes. The highest point is Pidurutalagala at 8281 feet.
Sri Lanka's history is one of the world's longest documented histories of over 3000 years.
And this was dinner tonight...5 forks up!
You all voted and next week, we are headed for Norway. This should be interesting!! Don't forget to look up there ^^^^ and over this way ---->>>> to vote for week #6. I can't believe I've been back cooking from the world for a month now! Crazy how time flies.
Groceries for this week ran me $12.21 which left $7.79 for the Beach Bag. The total after 4 weeks is $35.87.
I want to hear from all of you...are you digging this project? I'm thinking that in about 9 weeks, I should do a giveaway box...any thoughts about that? LOL!
So until we meet up again next week in Norway...peace!


  1. Looks good...also looks like it had many flavors! :) I know you like that! lol

  2. You got that right, Wendy...I do like many flavors. I think that's why I liked this meal so much...not to mention the smell of it cooking, it was FANTASTIC! I really want to go see Sri Lanka!! I wonder if there are poisonous snakes there?

  3. That chicken looks great! I love your "around the world" recipes and of course a goody box is a good idea lol! :)

  4. Cool, thanks, Kristin! I've got a few ideas, it's nothing major, but I do have a few ideas...


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