Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Container Garden Update, May 2014, in an RV

Bob and I went to a yard sale and picked up 2 of these bears...I love them!
 I haven't been blogging as much I usually do lately. There are a few reasons why. The first reason is that I haven't really been creating a whole lot in the kitchen because I've taken on a garden this year that is a first for me...I've never gardened on this large of a scale before and, definitely, not in containers. My garden is taking most of my spare time. The second reason is that our WiFi here in the RV park is ridiculous! First, it was that the router was way overloaded with everyone streaming Netflix or whatever at the same time. Then, they started to upgrade. Then, I guess, the internet company slowed the speed way down because there was a person(s) in here that were illegally downloading movies. I'm over it because one person screws up and does something that they know they shouldn't and we all have to pay the cost. We pay for Hulu Plus and I've only gotten to use it just a handful of times. We don't get Dish Network reception here where we're at, so I cancelled my service with them in January.
Anyhow, enough bitching and that is time to share what I've been up to in my yard...and my neighbor's yard, because they are super cool and let me have the use of their yard to expand my garden. They will get their pick of whatever produce they want for doing that!
I haven't been able to grow fuschias for a long time because when we lived in Longview, we didn't get enough shaded area to grow them. Fuschias love heat, but they do not like direct sunlight. I bought the little starter plants and potted up two hanging for us and one for our neighbors. Joan is awesome and we love her and her husband, Dick!
 We have taken to growing a lot of things up in the air, suspended from ropes. The fuschia above is one of my hanging pots.
 All sorts of things in the above photo. In the big wooden container is our raspberry bush. Around that are various other things such as the two new mini roses that I added this year. I found them at a store in town and they were marked down to a dollar each. The tall plant on the left hand side is the sage that I've been growing for 5 years now.

 Various types of heirloom tomatoes. At last count, I have 38 potted up. I'm planning on adding about 4 more to the family by the time I'm done. I only have a few hybrids (under 5 of them) and the rest are heirlooms.
Loofah gourd, started from seed in a peat pellet.

 Here is our backyard. Most of the big planters are set in place. We may have to move just a few around, but not many.
 My row of pepper plants. I have a jalapeno, a serrano, a pimento, a Cubanelle, a poblano and an Anaheim. If I find one or two more, like a Marconi, I'll plant them up...but I do have several inside that I started from seed that will be going out soon.
 My smallest raised bed out back. It holds nasturtiums, 2 onions that Bob stuck in there so that they can go to seed, rutabagas, radishes and white beets.
 Another grouping of tomatoes. Once these are caged up, they'll be spaced out more to do their tomato-y thing!

And, yet, more tomatoes...we really dig tomatoes around here, if you can't tell!
 This is one of the baby blueberry bushes that I got this year. I'm happy to report that they seemed to have survived the mailing process just fine and are sprouting new, green growth. These will be an actual blue blueberry...not pink like the ones I put in last year. I'll get to those in a minute.
 And even more tomatoes!!!! I'm companion planting pots of borage with them. Borage and tomatoes love each other and borage is a wonderful herb to have. If you harvest the leaves while they are young, they have a cucumber flavor to them. If you let them go, the leaves can be used as a poultice for burns, insect bites and bee stings. They also get quite tall and have beautiful purple flowers. As my smaller pots of marigolds grow, they will be placed all around the tomatoes, too. I've learned that carrots are a great tomato companion, too.
 This is my Asian greens raised bed. It has mizuna, pak choi, bok choy, edible crysanthemum...all sorts of wonderful edibles! We are going to turn that pallet into another vertical garden.
 I transplanted herbs from the greenhouse into this large 30 gallon pot yesterday. It has salad burnet (another wonderful cucumber tasting herb), Italian parsley and chervil.
 I found these irises growing wild on the bank out back. I dug this one up and potted it.
 And...even MORE tomatoes!
 The two smaller boxes are my potato beds. I've got the closest one planted with red potatoes and the other one will be planted up with the sweet potato that I'm rooting inside right now.
 This is my new pumpkin patch. There are 3 types of pumpkins in there along with nasturtiums. I've got white pumpkins, Amish Jarrahdale and Old Timey Cornfield pumpkins. I started the seeds in the greenhouse.
 This is the winter squash bed. It has butternut and acorn squash growing. Again, I started the seeds in the greenhouse for these, too.
 I'm growing concord grapes this is my "arbor"!

My largest raised bed is all planted up with Glass Gem Corn and various types of beans...both bush and runners. I have everything from Asian Red Noodle Beans to bush limas and bush kidneys planted in there.
The backyard!

 We had a lot of wood leftover after building the raised beds. I lined the fence with the boards so that my pots of melons and gourds and whatever else needs to climb could set on them.
Even more tomatoes!! There is also comfrey, thyme and lavender there, too...I'll place them later on.

 This is what the backyard looks like as you walk around the back of the trailer.
 This is my pallet garden. I planted it up with various lettuces, spinach and greens. We were going to set it to grow vertically, but it didn't work out that way. No matter, I'm not about to be deterred by that little detail!

 Bob and I went to a yard sale and I found these bag planters. I gave one of them to my sister and I planted the other with nasturtiums. They like it.

 Here is one side of the memorial garden that I planted in Ralph's memory.
 My lettuce filled gutter garden. It's coming right along. I love to grow different types of lettuces.
The gutter garden!

Gourds from my friend SuZan!

 There is a funny story behind this little tomato plant. Last fall was when I got into seed trading. I started with some chile seeds that I saved and dried. I traded for some lettuce and I got a package that said "Hillbilly Leaf". Well, I was naive. I thought it was a type of lettuce. When Bob made up all those water (milk) jug greenhouses for me in March, I got out my lettuces and went to work. I slid the seeds of the "Hillbilly Leaf" out into my hand, looked at Bob, and said, "These aren't lettuce seeds...these are tomato or pepper seeds!" I planted them anyway. That was on March 11. Everything but the Hillbilly sprouted up and has grown wonderfully. I was finally to the point that I was going to toss the Hillbilly Leaf container out, but I opened the top, looked inside and saw this guy standing there. It is, indeed, a tomato. A very hardy tomato. I'm going to let him just do his thing and I hope to get some fruit from him in order to save the seeds. I didn't have him on a heat mat, under grow lights or any of that. He's a tough lil guy!
Geraniums, oregano and a second year lettuce plant that I will let go to seed.
 Various pots that are seeded with different things: zinnia, marigold, nasturtium, hollyhocks and calendula.
The front yard.

The side of the driveway and Joan's front yard and part of her in-ground garden that we spent a day digging.

This is Ralph's pansy. It is on it's 3rd year. I got it from the farmers market and Ralph loved it. I finally found him one last summer. I'll keep this as long as it wants to grow. Ralph just loved this pansy!


Five types of radishes...from daikon to watermelon...they are growing in this box.

My peas are coming right along.

Front yard

Cabbages and Romanesco (alien) broccoli

My front raised bed and all the stuff growing by it, like garlic and lettuces.

One of the petunias that I picked up from the Longview farmers market this last weekend.

This is my new favorite petunia. It's called Moonlight Eclipse. It is gorgeous with the green ring around the purple. I'm going to attempt to winter this over in my greenhouse.

Thanks for taking the RV park container garden tour with me...PEACE!


  1. Amazing! We're travelling too much to plant this spring/summer...maybe in the fall. I certainly envy your green thumbs!!

    1. You could always take a small garden with you, Bunky!!!

  2. Everything is amazing!.. I also envy your green thumb... I'm pretty stoked that my husky cherry tomato plant has quite a nice little cluster of green tomatoes on it. I just saw them last night when I was watering. If I can keep my small container garden alive I will be happy! :)

    1. I'm far from baby tomatoes, so you are leaps and bounds ahead of me, Traci. We're still in the process of caging all the tomatoes up...and what did I do yesterday? I bought two more unusual baby plants. I'm hopeless!

  3. Oh your garden(s). I would never have thought to use a kiddo pool...what a clever idea indeed.


    1. Hi, Regina!! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I appreciate that! I started using the pools several years back and I grew onions, leeks and cucumbers in them. I was given these two pools (actually, I have 3, but one is not usable) and I wanted to grow pumpkins and winter squash, so the idea just evolved from there. The sky's the limit with wading pool gardens!

  4. Impressive, as always!! Had no intentions of planting anything this year just for the &^%$ Rolly-Pollies to eat but looking at all your goodies makes me want to run out & plant, plant!!

    1. I would say, Pyrowidow, to go and get one of these smaller wading pools. You wouldn't be able to grow a tomato in it, but pretty much anything else. It's easier to keep the pests out of containers!


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