Thursday, June 12, 2014

Grilled Pork & Peanut Noodles in an RV

 We are in the middle of another "Austerity Month" in the ol' RV lately. I'm glad I planted the garden! Anyhow, we do have fully stocked freezers and that's good. Bob went freezer spelunking and came up with a package of 3 pork steaks. We had, originally, thought that we would season with some Turkish seasoning blend, maybe some extra ground sumac, and grill them and have rice and vegetables for dinner. I got to thinking that I would love some Asian-inspired noodles instead. We've had a lot of rice lately and I wasn't really in the mood.
 Our local produce market sells red bell peppers 3 for $1.29, which, if you've done any sort of comparison shopping is a fantastic price. Onions are one thing that I always have on hand and the same with fresh garlic. Carrots are another one of my refrigerator staples. They last for a long time and if you buy them in bulk, they are 50 cents per pound and adding a carrot or two into a dish stretches it and adds much needed nutrients. Besides, many colors on a plate or in a bowl does have eye appeal.
I had Bob season the pork steaks simply with salt and pepper and grill them. I sliced up an onion, a red bell pepper and julienned 2 carrots. I wanted everything to roughly noodle shaped. I also minced up 2 cloves of garlic.
 I thinly sliced 2 of the pork steaks (we put the other one back into the freezer for pork fried rice at a later date) and grabbed a handful of snow peas that I'm growing in my garden. I sauteed the vegetables up in my large skillet with the garlic. When they were crisp-tender, I added in the pork and cooked for a few more minutes. Then I added some boiled spaghetti noodles.
At the very end of the cooking time (about 7 minutes total), I added a couple of big spoonfuls of crunchy peanut butter and a few tablespoons of low-sodium soy sauce.
And that, my friends, was an Asian-inspired feast fit for a king (or RVers, in our case).


  1. This looks delicious!! Will definitely give this a try. Loved your eggs benedict that you posted several months ago. (by the way, do you know what happened to foodnetwork's facebook 'forum'? can you email me at if you have any info? thanks!


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