Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Reynolds High School Shooting in Troutdale, Oregon

Yesterday, another tragedy. This one happened very close to home for me. I think that I'm taking this almost as personally as I did when the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy happened on December 14, 2012. I can't ever forget Sandy Hook. It happened on my and Bob's 7th wedding anniversary.
I spent a good portion of yesterday on Twitter pleading with the Portland media to not make the shooter infamous. I begged them to not publish this person's name. My idea is to simply cremate these people and flush them down the toilet to be with all the other nameless turds. Send out a message loud and clear that this bullshit cannot and will not be tolerated any longer! Our nation's children deserve better than this.
I was outside talking to my neighbor regarding this tragedy when the manager of the RV park walked up. We chatted for a minute about this subject. She said, and quite callously...especially being the wife of a pastor...that she doesn't believe in gun control. That's fine. Everyone's entitled to their opinion and I completely respect hers. I don't understand the reasoning behind it, though. My neighbor and I were told that she doesn't believe in gun control because of pirates and cowboys and Indians...they all killed one another. Don't ask me, I don't know. If there were any form of logic to that equation, I would have been all ears with it. But, because pirates shot each other and, as she put it, Indians killed cowboys and cowboys killed Indians (her words, not mine), we should not have gun control. Um, yeah, sure, ok...I'm still not sure how this would all tie in with children taking weapons to school and exterminating each other!?!?!?
I'm not entirely convinced that gun control is the answer to this spreading epidemic. I'm not saying that it couldn't help, but I'm not sure that it would. Do I think that there need to be new laws in place before a person can simply waltz into Walmart and buy a weapon? You bet I do. I've always had an issue with that. I don't think pawn shops should be able to sell them, either. Until recent years, in the state of Washington, a person had to go and buy a bottle of booze from a state run liquor store and I don't see any problem with having state run weapon stores. Don't even get me started on assault weapons, either. Those were invented with one purpose only...too kill and kill a large number in a very short amount of time. Being the wife of a disabled Vietnam veteran who feels the same way as I do, I think I'm very justified in saying that I believe that only the military should have access to these weapons, not the general public. I know there will be people who disagree and that is completely ok...feel free...but don't get into a pissing match with me on my own blog. They invented the delete and ban button for a reason. It seems to me that obtaining a weapon in the United States is easier than obtaining a driver's license.
As I have been reading from the Oregonian's news the comments...I see that both sides of the political fence are out in full force, playing the blame game. If you're a liberal, you are stupid. If you're a conservative, you're even more stupid...seriously, folks, who has time for this shit??? I say that everyone needs to freaking knock it off and come up with a solution! There have been 74 school campus shootings from December 14, 2012 (Sandy Hook) until now. SEVENTY-FOUR!! There are studies out there showing the various psychological "medications" that each of these shooters were either on or had been on prior to their rampages. I really do believe that this avenue needs to be investigated to the fullest extent. We owe that to the kids.
The simple act of going to school should not be a matter of life or death for children and we owe them, at the very least, the decency to investigate why this is happening and get politics and politicians the hell out of the solution.
I hate to say this but I'm rather ashamed at what my country has become. I am ashamed that the whole antidepressant/medication/school shooting avenue hasn't been explored more. I'm ashamed that there are these two sides arguing back and forth when they should be together and focusing on a solution. Shame on us, America...we should and could do better for the kids.


  1. I wholeheartedly agree! The average person does not need an assault rifle. Something definitely needs to be done to recognize that there are children with severe mental issues that need to be recognized and dealt with. That, in itself,is not a gun issue but a mental health issue.

  2. Part of the reason you won't see anyone in the government seriously looking at connections between random shootings (there are more than 74 if you include non-school shootings) and the use of ssri's and other antidepressants is because the corporations that manufacture those drugs have our government representatives in their pockets.
    In case you haven't noticed, the government is for sale and those who are buying are the "big money" corporations like agriculture (convincing us that gmo's that cause tumors in lab animals are safe for us to consume, don't pay no nevermind to the fact that cancer rates are higher than ever before. Besides they have drugs for cancer patients) which brings us to pharmaceutical companies.
    They send reps to hospitals to wine and dine doctors into peddling their drugs, drugs that cause more problems through side effects that they treat with what?...more drugs. Big oil, giant retail chains and mainstream media are all working together with their government puppets to enslave us. Your beloved country has been sold to those who don't have your best interests in mind, only their bottom line.
    I can't help but think that people who are against citizens owning firearms have never opened a history book. Do you even know how this country came to be? Because normal everyday people had had enough of the type of tyranny our country is currently heading towards and they picked up their guns and defended their and ultimately OUR freedom. They didn't have a military to defend them, WE THE PEOPLE did it.
    What saddens me about this country is that there are too many people walking around who know nothing about history and in their ignorance they are dooming us all to repeat it.
    Our Constitution is being dismantled bit by bit as these corporations flex their might and convince the people to give up their rights. They control everything and they only want you to think about how EVIL guns are. The news agencies say they don't want to "glorify" these shooters by using their names and faces when the talk about these cases. How then can we ever get to the true root of the problem?
    Guns CANNOT alter one's mind into picking them up and using them to commit random acts of violence. A person has to want to commit violence. People really need to quit blaming the guns. A gun just sits there. A person has to pick one up and use it. Besides the first murder was committed with a chunk of wood or a guns. The media demonizes the gun to get people to willingly agree to give up their ability to defend their families from the coming New World Order. The military, you know, the ONLY people you trust to have guns, will one day be using them against us all. I pray that day doesn't come, but unfortunately it will and all the people who blamed guns for the crimes of humanity will be begging those who didn't give up their guns to defend them.

    1. While I certainly agree with aspects of your analysis, I do not agree with all of it. I am not against people owning guns. I am all for responsible people owning guns. And, I agree, the corporations are out to dismantle the Constitution and rewrite it into something that fits their agendas. That is why Fox News is legally allowed to lie to the public and get away with it. Pretty sad. I do know enough about history to know that major American events that dismantle our entire economy come around approximately every 80 years and we are slightly overdue.


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